Varilux - Progressive Lens Specialist

At Insight Optical, we are progressive lens specialists. Our Opticians have fitted thousands of progressive lenses and have the skills necessary to fit the best possible lenses for your needs. We take the time and utilize exacting measurements to fit every pair with precision and accuracy. We use reflection pupilometers to measure horizontal distances and several posture sensitive vertical measurements.

Based on patient satisfaction and lab returns, we recommend Varilux brand progressive lenses most often. We also recommend Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Seiko, Hoya, and Shamir brand progressive lenses in some instances and can also order any other progressive brand on the market, if so requested.

Our progressive lenses carry a 60 day warranty. If for any reason you don't like or cannot get used to your lenses, we will swap them for whatever type lens we think might work for you at no charge. We have a higher than national average success rate with fitting progressives so we feel confident that if you cannot wear our progressives, you simply cannot wear them. Some optical chains that routinely fit inferior lenses cannot make that claim.

Our rates are very competitive. We welcome price comparisons and are happy to quote our rates over the phone. Please call and we look forward to working with you.