We Carry the Best Prescription Glasses San Diego Has to Offer

At Insight Optical Center, we can proudly fill your prescription with any lens on the market today. We can recommend the exact lenses best suited to your prescription without the limitations and patient compromises associated with some optical chain stores. The best manufacturers often reserve their best lenses for Doctor's offices and independent Optical shops like ours. We are qualified experts in advising, measuring, fitting, and dispensing their best products.


    Single Vision
    There is only one power throughout the lens. This lens design is the easiest to use. It's ideal for those who see well at all distances through a single power. This lens is usually sufficient for persons up to the age of 40.
    There are two powers with a line in between. These lenses work well for those who need two different powers to see well at all distances. The top section is prescribed for distance vision and the bottom for up close.
    These lenses have three powers with lines in between. An enhancement to bifocals, the middle section is an intermediate focus used for viewing computer screens, instrument panels and items on shelves or bulletin boards.
    These lenses have the most advanced design for those who need more than one power to see well at all distances without the visible lines to disrupt vision and spoil appearances. This design provides an infinite number of powers to give a smooth progression between far vision and near. It's the closest thing to natural vision in eyeglasses at all distances.
    Occupational / Recreational Lenses
    These lenses have custom designs for specific activities. Whether viewing small details overhead in a work environment, working with machinery or engaging in sports like football, golf, baseball or skiing, these glasses or sport goggles are designed for a specific purpose. They can enhance the enjoyment, performance or safety in a particular situation or environment.
    Computer Glasses
    These lenses alleviate neck strain and eye fatigue while using a computer. Continued computer work can cause eyestrain and neck muscle discomfort. These custom lenses have a large visual area looking straight out to the computer screen and blend comfortably down to the keyboard area below.

    These lenses are lighter more impact resistant than glass and will accept tints well. This is the most common lens material and is commonly combined with scratch resistant coatings and ultra-violet filters. Plastic is an inexpensive spectacle lens material.
    These are the lightest, safest, and most impact resistant ophthalmic lenses on the market. They offer maximum protection for kids, sports, hazardous activities and those with vision in only one eye. This thermal plastic material is light and comfortable with adequate image quality and provides inherent UV protection.
    High Index Plastic
    These lenses are thinner and lighter than regular plastic while typically offering better vision than thin polycarbonate lenses. They are premium lenses that are great for higher prescriptions and come complete with scratch resistance and UV protection. The indexes available are 156, 160, 167, 170, and 174. Various lens designs are available in only certain indexes. The higher the index, the thinner the lens.
    These lenses quickly darken in direct sunlight and lighten up in about 10 minutes. They provide the convenience of having just one pair of glasses that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come with scratch resistance and UV protection These lenses do not darken well in a car. The windshield blocks the UV that activates the lenses, thus they don't replace true sunglasses.
    These lenses are considered the best type of sunglass lenses because they block reflected glare. Such glare on surfaces such as water, snow, and car surfaces can be annoying to the eyes and can cause squinting through regular sunglasses. Polarized lenses minimize that glaring effect. They come with scratch resistance and protect against harmful UV light. They are available in gray, brown, and some cosmetic colors. Versions include regular plastic, polycarbonate, high index plastic and glass.

    Anti-reflective Treatment (AR)
    Reduces Glare. Anti- reflect lenses allow 10% more light to pass through the lenses. They cut glare, annoying reflections and halos around lights and sharpen vision for clearer and safer vision, particularly while driving at night. Eyeglasses with anti-reflect lenses give a more natural appearance to the face by eliminating the glare and thus making the lenses look invisible.
    Edge Polish
    Decreases the frosty appearance of lens edges and gives a more polished look, particularly in rimless glasses
    Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC)
    Protects against distracting scratches that can interfere with visibility. When applied to both surfaces, it can make the lenses up to10 times more resistant to scratches. Without this coating, most lenses are damaged within just a few months.
    Ultraviolet Absorption (UV)
    Essential particularly in sunglasses. UV coating on lenses protects eyes from the cumulative effects of harmful rays of the sun, like sunscreen protects the skin. They also protect from exposure from fluorescent lights and computer screens. This treatment is widely used to reduce the risks of cataracts and macular degeneration.
    Tinting can reduce the amount of light reaching the eye, improve contrast, brighten the "dim" vision of cataracts or create and designer look. A tint can vary in darkness from a light cosmetic tint to a full sunglass.

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