In the San Diego sun, it’s always the season for sunglasses.

Whether you’re looking for the latest trends, something to keep the glare off your windshield, or a sunglasses prescription, Insight Optical has you covered. Check out our large selection of incoming frames and lenses for a new look that will help keep the California sun at bay. Come in and browse for a new shady look, or replace those old frames to get a jump-start on eye protection. With more than 50 designer brands in stock, you’re sure to find the look and brand to fit your shade needs. Choose from classic aviators or the latest trends sweeping the San Diego beaches. We carry a wide range of frames that have been hand-selected for their quality, popularity, and affordability, from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. Our extensive, curated selection will satisfy all age groups and styles. If you’re not sure which frames work with your face, our experienced opticians will assist you in your selection.

We offer a two-year breakage warranty. If you purchase a new frame and they break within two years, we will either repair or replace them at no charge

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. Whether you spend your days at the beach or in an office, if you’re living in San Diego, wearing sunglasses is a critical preventative measure for eye health. Extended exposure to UV rays can not only cause cataracts later in life, but has been linked to macular degeneration as well.

Keep sunglasses on hand at all times for a stylish, safe way to block those bright San Diego sunbeams. Come in today to check out Insight Optical Center’s vast array of sun-ready shades, or contact us to make a custom sunglass order!


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