Full-Service San Diego Optical Shop

Insight Optical is a full service San Diego eyeglasses Optical shop. For over twenty five years we have sold, dispensed, maintained, and serviced eyeglasses in the San Diego community.

Glasses and Frames Services Offered

One Hour Service
We can fabricate most single vision eyeglasses in one hour. If we should need to order your lenses, it usually takes about one or two working days. If you choose to use your own frame, you can keep them until the new lenses arrive and we will call you in for one hour grinding into those frames.
Experienced Frame Recommendations
Our staff of Opticians and stylists can help you select the ideal frame for your style, image and prescription needs. Since we have over 1000 of the most popular fashion frames and sunglasses on display to choose from, we can help you find just that right pair. Our continuing education allows us to recommend sizes, shapes and colors that are appropriate for your face and your current prescription.
Minor Repairs and Adjustments
We gladly offer most minor repairs and adjustments at no charge. This includes replacing screws, replacing nylon cords, removing lenses, bending frames back into shape, and adjusting frames to fit your face, even if you purchased your glasses elsewhere. All we ask is that you inspect our work and keep us in mind if you should need something else.
Glasses and Frames Troubleshooting
If you are having difficulty seeing with your glasses, whether you purchased them from us or not, we will gladly troubleshoot them for you. With decades of experience, we can often figure out what the problem is right away and offer solutions to correct the problem. Many times, a simple adjustment is all that is needed. Other times, we may determine that the problem is in the prescription or the way the glasses were measured or fabricated. In any case, we will always do this for you at no charge.
Nose pads, Accessories, Replacing Frames
Most metal frames today are supplied with "silicone" nose pads. Unfortunately, they tend to wear out and discolor over time. We have replacement nose pads of all the different types and sizes of frames on the market. We also carry a wide range of accessories from cords and cases to clip-ons to enhance your glasses. We can also replace your broken frames with new ones that will accommodate your existing lenses, while you wait.
Tinting Lenses
Various lenses on the market can be tinted to your liking. We can add a UV filter, a light cosmetic tint or even darken lenses to full sunglasses. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from. We can also bleach out and recondition many lenses on the market.
Duplicating Current Prescriptions
Many people are happy with their existing prescription and would just like to have a new pair made. We can accurately read the prescription in your existing glasses and duplicate it in completely new frames or sunglasses. We can also make you a pair of reading glasses from your existing multifocals.

We offer all the repair services you need, quickly and efficiently. Just call the San Diego eye glasses experts at Insight Optical, or come in at your convenience. No appointment is necessary. Thank you.