Does Staring at the Computer Too Long Beg the Question "Do I Need Glasses?"

You shouldn’t have to compromise your vision for your job or recreational computer activities. But too many of us try to ignore the problem, letting the neck strain, eye strain, and eye fatigue build up over time, which causes long-term damage. It’s time for a change—and computer glasses are just the ticket for a better life. We’ve heard patients enthuse that they made them feel livelier, more alert, and more comfortable.

That’s especially true for people with progressive lenses, who often have to tilt their head uncomfortably back to get the right spot for reading the screen. But it’s also true for anyone who uses a computer, period.

How do they work? Our computer eyeglasses have two focuses, one for the monitor, the other for the keyboard, which, since it’s closer, requires more strength. This allows your eyes to shift back and forth without straining.

And of course, you may choose from any of our stylish frames for your computer eyeglasses—we hand pick every one of them every year at the vision expo.

So whether you’ve already got prescription glasses and just want the computer glasses settings added in, or are a first-time glasses-buyer, we have you covered.

Ready to upgrade your current prescription, or just interested in protecting your eyes in style? Just call your San Diego eye glasses specialists today, or come in at your convenience. No appointment is necessary. Thank you.